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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Resident Evil

Ouch. Been a little while since I posted. It turns out Lord of the Rings Online wasn't good enough to keep me playing (not saying it wasn't good - just not good enough). So I'll keep reading the news and see what should be next on my 'try it' list. I really hope this year we don't see any failures due to unfinished games at release. That would make me sad.

One of the things I ran across recently, that I hadn't heard about, was the Resident Evil racism thing. I saw this comic on Penny Arcade, followed it to the related blog entry, and then did some research, finding an interview with Newsweek's gaming journalist in which he spoke at length about how troubling the game looked.

Now, first person shooters generally aren't my thing, and 'real world' type games aren't either, so I'll most likely never play this game. But I think it offers a nice warning (for those who will take it) that if you are making a 'real world' type game, you should be careful (even if it's not real world, in fact, you should be careful).

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