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:: Thursday, March 26 2015 ::

A nice lazy day yesterday - I walked the city a bit with my big camera (I've taken to mostly carrying my smaller camera, so this is notable) stopping at Notre Dame and the Louvre. Our friends met us for the evening, as our Louvre passes got them in free. The big event yesterday was buying our tickets home, on a boat. We'll be taking the Queen Mary home from the UK this summer.

:: David (4:09 in Arkansas, 11:09 in Paris) - Comment

:: Wednesday, March 25 2015 ::

As we made yet another joke about one of the movies we watched while living here, it occurred to me I should jot them down. We've been sticking to low-brow films in the hopes that their language will be simpler. So in no particular order, since arriving we have watched Rien à déclarer (in part because we visited the town in Belgium where it was filmed, and they had a big sign saying 'visit the town where this movie was made!'). We also watched Avis de mistral which, for some reason, had Jean Reno in it, despite having a ridiculous plot. We actually visited seemingly all the places the movie was filmed when we went to Avignon and Arles, which was kind of ridiculous. And on the subject of ridiculous, Un monstre à Paris was about a flea blown up large by a crazy science experiment who can play guitar. But it was in French, so we watched it! That's all we've done so far, save our regular dips into Les Guignols de l'info, which has both kept us abreast of French news and introduced us to some crazy French personalities.

:: David (3:08 in Arkansas, 10:08 in Paris) - Comment

Our house guests and I walked up the Eiffel Tower on Tuesday, and had a coffee near the Champs Elysees. Then yesterday they headed off to Versailles, and I had a nice lazy day, with a quick stop at the Musee d'Orsay. They seem to have changed their policy regarding photos (they used to say 'none allowed' and now it seems to be 'no flash please'). I can't decide if this is the change in season, or a change in policy that happens to be very nice for people like me who like to take photos.

:: David (2:43 in Arkansas, 9:43 in Paris) - Comment

:: Sunday, March 22 2015 ::

Busy busy touristing! We headed to Chantilly today because, due to pollution, they've made public transport free, so we took advantage. A long train trip, a long lunch, a nice wander through a lovely castle, and a hike back through the woods looking for exciting birds (our friend Rick is a birdwatcher). Due to a weird set of circumstances we ended up taking back the fast train (it's not clear we were supposed to), followed by drinking several local beers and the insane chocolates our friends purchased (along with dramatic reading of their associated stories).

:: David (16:01 in Arkansas, 23:01 in Paris) - Comment

:: Friday, March 20 2015 ::

Our friends Rick and Lisa arrived today for a week's visit. I'd forgotten how slow the train from CDG can be. Add that to an inability to read timetables and it ended up being an all-day adventure. We're playing it low-key today, they're down for a nap and we'll do dinner in. Then tomorrow we can start the crazy!

:: David (9:27 in Arkansas, 16:27 in Paris) - Comment

:: Thursday, March 19 2015 ::

An article today talks about how writing down what you did each day can make you happier. So today I worked on this website (uploaded some pictures from London), caught a train to Paris for lunch at this crazy little place that had tasty tartes in the Marais, and went to see the Paris Magnum photo exhibit, which had just an amazing assortment of photos taken in Paris by the agency. We then caught the train back, had dinner, and watched our first episode of The Revenants, which had me on the edge of my seat.

:: David (15:57 in Arkansas, 22:57 in Paris) - Comment

:: Monday, March 9 2015 ::

We spent a nice long weekend in Brittany, eating a simply ridiculous number of crepes and seeing the sights. We rented a car and drove around the peninsula from Nantes. It was terrific, but only a sampler - we'll have to go back to see the islands. Next up is Avignon, which is kind of fun - very rarely do I go back to places I've been before - we're talking about seeing if we can find some of the restaurants we ate at 10 years ago. And in between we have friends and family visiting. All in all, this is a super busy time! It's great that people are coming now, though - the weather has just turned full-on Spring, with flowering trees along the highway and in the parks - the next month or so should be just amazingly beautiful.

:: David (4:47 in Arkansas, 11:47 in Paris) - Comment

:: Monday, February 9 2015 ::

If I were to describe my time (this time) in Paris, I would probably tell many stories of interesting events I walked into, or amazing places I visited, or things of that nature. What I might not mention is my current impression of life here, which is basically 'my mouth is falling apart'. When I arrived back in December, I went to the dentist because I was having pain. He did some major work, and I was happy. Then on Friday, the first day of a road trip out of Paris, I lost a crown. So today I went back, again, to my dentist's office, and I'll go, again, tomorrow. I imagine it will end up like the Scottish Death Flu (a sickness I acquired while visiting Edinburgh). If prompted, I'll remember it happened, but my narrative of events, given the choice, will omit the bad (or uninteresting) stuff.

:: David (9:54 in Arkansas, 16:54 in Paris) - Comment

:: Friday, January 9 2015 ::

Life in the big city is weird. Life in the big city of a not-very-big country is even weirder. Everything is so local. Not only because often, it actually happened in the city, but also because, at least in the case of London or Paris, when big things happen the government responds, and the government is located in those cities. So even big things that happen far away, like the Sivens dam project, which is about as far from here as you can get and still be in mainland France, it still feels like much of the action is happening right next door.

Unfortunately, the most recent thing to happen really did happen right next door. Gunmen stormed the building of Charlie Hebdo and shot many of the staff members. There's no question at this point that it was Islamic extremists. They escaped, and a manhunt is still underway. Although I never felt threatened, I was certainly relieved that when they headed to the suburbs, they went the other direction.

I went yesterday to their offices - it was actually an accident, but once I saw the long line of satellite trucks and reporters I decided to walk by. It feels a little odd, actually - I had my camera, but I felt awkward taking pictures. Clearly the media felt no such compuctions. I even watched what seemed to be a staged laying of flowers at an impromptu memorial.

Right now it looks like the (inter)national outpouring of support will mean Charlie Hebdo will survive. It's a shame people wait until you're no longer living to say how important your work is. The articles written for an international audience have been very complimentary, as Le Monde notes.

:: David (3:18 in Arkansas, 10:18 in Paris) - Comment

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