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This website is the homepage of David Barber, an American from Vicksburg, Michigan who has had the good fortune to be able to follow his favorite hobby, travelling, for much of his adult life. Primarily it is composed of photos and stories from the various places he has travelled and lived. There are several thousand photos, primarily of Western Europe and Asia.

Photos from the life of an expat:

Although currently living in the United States, and enjoying the cultural novelties available in my own neck of the woods, I have also spent a great deal of time abroad.

I've been an expat several times, including from 2014 to 2015 when I lived in London and Paris. Before that, from 2003 to 2005 I lived in France, working for one of the international organizations and seeing as much of Europe as I could. I was also, from 1999 to 2001, an English teacher in Japan, living on the southernmost island, Kyushu.

Other previous fun includes:

  • In 2010 I became a certified diver, doing my open water dives in Curacao. Several other dive trips followed, including Malta (by way of London).
  • In 2001, I took a trip around the world after leaving my job teaching English.
  • And the trip that got me hooked on travelling, while studying in Scotland in 1996, I took a three week trip through Europe.

Additional Resources:

In addition to my interest in photography, I also have a strong interest in current technology, and current events. I also have a Master's degree in Economics, and some of my writings are also on the website. Finally, I enjoy good food and drink, and I have some documents relating to that (including the cookbook of a good friend).

Personal Information and Current Events

For the most up to date information on my comings and goings, read my blog, which is also full of random news items I have found interesting. For any further details about me, my life, family, etc., you can visit the "personal" section of the website.

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