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As Friday was my 'two weeks after my second dose of the vaccine' day, We arranged to have a dinner party with some vaccinated friends Saturday evening. It was a perfectly normal, perfectly enjoyable evening so long as I didn't think about it. All of us, at one point or another, would sort of freeze up and go 'this is weird'. But overall it was surprisingly easy to go back to 'normal'. We also went out to lunch and ate indoors on Friday, also weirdly normal. Of course, the really strange thing here in Arkansas is the idea that people just never stopped. They did all the things the whole time, believing the whole 'global pandemic' thing was just a hoax, or overblown. It's frankly astonishing how much divergence there has been in the lives of people in the United States based mostly on their politics. And so many innocent paid the price (the official number today stands at 566,000 deaths, and over 5600 in Arkansas, though my reading of CDC data says the number should be over 7000).