Previous Entries in the Life of Dave


January 2007
In which our hero joins a group of French speakers, and finds a mobile phone.

February 2007
In which I finally figure out how I am related to Misty.

March 2007
In which we holiday in Europe.

April 2007
Virginia Tech and little plastic swords.

May 2007
In which we spy on the neighbours.

June 2007
In which both I and Tony Blair quit our jobs.

July 2007
In which many trips are taken, many people (and animals) seen.

August 2007
In which I spend quality time with a dentist.

September 2007
In which Northern Rock goes down, and we visit Northern Michigan.

October 2007
In which we visit North Carolina to watch fast cars drive in circles.

November 2007
In which I get a new laptop, and learn to hate Vista.

December 2007
In which I work, and then play.

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