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A trip to the store

I made my first foray to the store since things blew up. I found an old N95 mask I had bought for sanding at some point, and put it under my buff from Iceland, and went to buy milk (required for coffee) and whatever else I could find.

The store was a weird experience - a mix of people wearing masks and avoiding others, people not wearing masks and avoiding others, and people who seemed not to know there was a pandemic going on. Flour and rice were mostly sold out, but there were endless snack chips. I bought what I could, checked myself out, and raced back to my car.

I'm sure part of how weird the experience felt was my own state of mind - being in a space that is totally normal but now feels alien, and not trusting anything I touch to be safe. I said to myself after 'if you assume everything is hostile you won't be wrong'. Which is where we are now.

Later in the evening I was getting coffee and I joked to Sasha that I could use all the milk I wanted because I had risked my life to get more. Then I sobered and realized that, maybe, I had actually risked my life.