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I was trying to find comments in my blog about Afghanistan, since I've been keeping the blog since the war began, more or less. If Google is to be believed, I actually didn't talk about it much. There's a post back in 2003 about how hardliners in the US wanted to invade Iran as well as Iraq.  One in 2004 about how building capacity is hard, and failed states are dangerous. Another in 2006 talks about the war crimes in Iraq. Very little on Afghanistan alone. Which is probably indicative - in the beginning it was all one big mess of 'let's invade everywhere' and somehow Afghanistan slid under the radar for the next decade plus, except when people would say 'we're still there?'

There's a lot to say, but what I really get from all this is that we knew going in this would be a mess. There was never a real plan for 'winning the peace'. And now we haven't.