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I'm back!

An awful lot has happened in the six months since I last posted. I know it has been six months, because we took a six month sabbatical to Europe. Three months in the UK, two weeks in Switzerland, and the rest in France. Students came at the end and we took them to Paris and Troyes. I took on the order of 15,000 photos, which I'm sure I'll do something with someday (he says, suspecting that in fact he will not). It was a bit of a return to form after the pandemic, but was also revealing, letting me know that I had in fact been changed by spending basically three years semi-isolated. I'm not sure even a long trip like this one can totally fix that, or if 'fix' is the right word - I've changed, and like so, so many, I can't go back to before, and I'm not sure I should want to.

Regardless, it's now time to get back to work, literally and figuratively. I'm searching for a job (have my first interview next week) and I'm re-evaluating what other things I want to be involved with, community-wise. I worked hard, for a long time, during the 2022 election, and now I've had a long break. I came back to Arkansas just as a major push to get something on the 2024 ballot was wrapping up, so now I imagine a lot of energized people are looking for what to do next. I certainly hope they are! I have some thoughts but no firm plans for what comes next.