:: Life Of Dave ::

Taking six months off from basically everything (and taking the year before that off from many things so I could run for office) means that there's a lot of cleanup to do. Our yard is overgrown. The car didn't start when we got home from Europe. The air conditioner upstairs (we have two - Arkansas is hot!) was dead as well. So lots of maintenance is happening everywhere. Online as well - I run a mastodon server that I set up before I left and it is getting put back into shape, as are my other web properties. I noticed the twitter plugin in the left menu area of this page is dead, which I presume has something to do with Elon's ill-fated purchase. I'm no longer using Twitter (apparently now called 'X' for some dumb reason that I don't care about) so I'll be pulling that down. I'm not sure how the social media wars are going to shake out, but I'm excited to see if Mastodon can stay in there, and if there's an embed made for it I'll be adding it here.

In general, getting life put back together is time-consuming, and there's lots still to be done, but slowly we're getting there.