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Some of you may remember the Code Monkey music video I was so amused by a while back. Today my colleague Becca pointed out that the New York Times had done a major article on the singer, and the phenomenon of the B-list musician in our new, wired world. It discusses some of the challenges (at what point do you stop responding to -every- fan mail?) and new opportunities (now you can play concerts where you -know- you have fans, instead of wandering around trying to find them).

sasha commented:
Did you watch the video attached to that article? I love that he just sits there with his cat all cuddled up on his lap, talking to the New York Times...
on Mon May 14 18:11:41 2007

Derek (Erb) commented:
I rarely say thank you here for all the sweet tidbits of the net you find...

Code Monkey has become my theme song... I play it in the background while I code...

I went to the guy's site and bought and downloaded the whole album.


on Thu May 17 09:58:33 2007

David commented:
That makes me happy! I'm glad you like, and I'm really glad you bought - I tend not to listen to/buy music (I am one of those people who can't work and listen to music at the same time), so it's nice to hear that passing something along has helped him out a little bit! I'm also glad you like these tidbits I scrounge up (though, to be fair, I think I have to credit Kevin for this one!)
on Thu May 17 10:47:13 2007

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