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Welcome to the 'All About Dave' section of the site. Given the number of times I've done this and the number of languages I've had to do it in, I should be an expert at it.

The most up to date information on my life can be found on my web log, which I try to update as often as possible (usually several times per week). This is more of an overview, for those wanting to know more about the person who created these pages.

So, my introduction:

I'm an American from Vicksburg, Michigan. I lived in Michigan most of my life until I got to college. Then, one day, I decided to do a semester studying abroad, and I was hooked. I have lived in Europe (twice), Asia (once) and have taken more trips than I probably should have, given the state of my finances.

More recently, in 2008 I left Ann Arbor, Michigan and moved to Conway, Arkansas, where I am currently living.

My hobbies include playing guitar,which I do less frequently than I would like. I am also a hopeless gadget addict, and am completely enthralled by most things electronic. When I have spare time (and money) I like to travel and take pictures. Most of this website is in fact dedicated to the massive number of photos I have taken, primarily while travelling. Please feel free to explore the rest of this little place I call home.



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This is where all my spare time goes! Fiction and Nonfiction

This is where the rest of my spare money goes! This is a List of wines I've tried and liked/didn't like and why I think they were great/terrible. Caveot Emptor and remember - I don't claim to be an expert (despite writing a big paper on cork!)

Other Things
I worked on a program with Dr. Martha O'Kennon which does translations. She has since expanded it in myriad ways, and has moved it to a new server, as the original was compiled as a 16-bit application. To see all the fun, click here

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