Over the past few years I have begun to specialize my research, primarily due to living abroad. Two general areas these interests have been grouped into are economics and economics processes and the field of 'globalisation' which includes development studies, multinational firms, and the impact of the international financial framework on Western and non-western nations. I have assembled a collection of links to organizations of import as well as organizations who monitor and disseminate information. In addition, I will be making my own writings on various subjects available.

In addition to this, I have begun to take an interest in social policy issues, primarily through my work, which is currently in social policy analysis. This includes concepts such as taxation and benefit systems for low-income earners. As yet I do not have any documents on this subject, but I suspect before too long I'll be jotting some of my ideas down.

Links to Organizations - primarily the movers and shakers of international organizations, although some are more well known than others.

Writings and Articles

In addition, I've been creating links to groups of articles on certain topics. Right now this includes:
The Asian Financial Crisis - IMF version - This group of articles discuss the Asian Financial Crisis (which began in 1997) from the point of view of the IMF.
I also wrote up the some notes from class on the causes of the Asian Financial Crisis.


Writings and Articles