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Livin' in America

Somewhat haphazardly, the following is a list of trips I have taken around the USA, with links to the photos I took while travelling:

In 2013 we headed up to Alaska to see some old friends in new places.

In 2012 we took a trip up to the Pacific Northwest to visit some friends in Seattle and Vancouver.

In 2010 I headed over to Las Vegas to attend the National Association of Broadcasters annual conference, and after the conference I rented a car and got out and about in Nevada.

Since August of 2008 I have lived in Conway, Arkansas. My first experience with 'the natural state' was in Petit Jean State Park. We took an easy day hike down to the bottom of Cedar Falls with a friend, and I ran my new digital camera through its paces.

I went to Chicago in March of 2006 on a business trip, but managed to get out and take a few photos, mostly at Shedd Aquarium.