OK - photos from the wedding, round one: it's a slideshow at the Kodak gallery, and if you really feel the urge you can even buy a print of 'smarmy David' or 'Sasha chasing chickens'.

Jason in Egypt commented:
I'm so happy for the 2 of you! Fun to see these pics, but it'd be even better if they had captions. Oh yeah, and when is the video going up on YouTube? Yes, I ask for a lot! But I usually get it!!! *grin*
on Wed Oct 4 14:25:16 2006

Nikki commented:
YouTube? What is this Jason speaks of? Great photos, somehow, the chickens and the eye patch make perfect sense--it's a wedding after all, but where you endorsing some particular brand of water?
on Wed Oct 4 18:03:59 2006

Anonymous commented:
wow- what great snaps! :) Congrats again sarah c
on Wed Oct 4 23:34:08 2006

1 commented:
I have to say, Kodak has been great - as we approach the holidays, they keep sending new offers for free or cheap stuff. So if anybody thinks they want a 24x36 photo from the wedding, just let us know!
on Tue Oct 31 04:18:51 2006

1 commented:
1, of course, is David. I think I broke the comments in a new and exciting way this time!
on Tue Oct 31 04:20:52 2006

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