Lots of random changes right now - I've added a widget from MyBlogLog, which you can see about halfway down the page on the left. It shows recent readers, and allows people to see, for example, what other people read when they're not here. I debated whether I liked this widget or not, but a lot of the big blogs are using it, so I figure it could be a nice thing to have. For the moment, it will be there, and you can join if you like, or not. It will allow you to have a cute little picture of yourself show up when you read a blog, which is fun.

The recent comments thing is still behaving badly, and I'm hoping to work on that this weekend. Anyone out there know lots of perl?

Finally, I got around to getting a new hosting company, just in time for me not to need one. My current hosting company was charging me lots of fees for bandwidth, so I decided to get a company that wouldn't. But, this weekend, google changed their formula again and now my France section doesn't get any traffic at all. Easy come, easy go. But I'll go with the new hosting company anyhow, and we'll see how that works out. It'll be nice to pay in US dollars again, as the strength of the pound was really making my UK hosts expensive.

Shelby commented:
Well there I am on the MyBlogLog thing but as I'm not a member, it looks like I'm a mafia informant giving an interview on 20/20. Oops, I just outed myself. Shhhhhhh.
on Thu Oct 26 01:06:07 2006

David commented:
Mwahahahaha! Behold their dastardly plan to enroll you in their social network! That said, though, they're less intrusive than some, and I like the cute little pictures. And happily for you, your gangster picture doesn't appear after you leave - it only stores the members. Cute, huh?

By the way, if you haven't noticed, I forgot to tie the 'recent comments' to the function that gets called for the first comment on a blog post, so no 'Shelby made a comment' for you!

on Thu Oct 26 02:23:12 2006

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