Is it bad of me that I love vi with a passion I cannot describe? It's just so wonderful! It does everything you want it to, and it does it all using cryptic character strings that noone else can understand, and that take years and years to learn. What could be more wonderful?

For those who were hoping for a weightier post, I have a wonderful story of our swanky new coffee maker, but words cannot do it justice, so I am waiting until I can post a photo with the text....

Nikki commented:
And how bad is it that Wikipedia lost me at "The name vi is..." - prolly as bad as I forgot my freaking password here again!
on Thu Oct 19 20:13:48 2006

David commented:
I keep meaning to tie this site to something like openid, so you could use the same password here as at livejournal (e.g.). Unfortunately, the documentation is crap on how to do that. I actually went to a presentation by the openid people, and that was crap too, so at least I know why I can't figure out the docs...
on Fri Oct 20 07:03:16 2006

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