couture on the cheap

OK, so say I want to carry around a Prada purse, but the price seems a bit steep to me, for something that will soon be obsolete. I know, I know - me and Prada, not a good fit. Ignore that for the moment. So, here I am, wishing I had a designer bag. Enter Bag, Borrow, or Steal, which will allow me to rent that swanky couture by the month. Seriously. And next month, I can get a different one. Etc.

Shelby commented:
I blogged about this a while ago and while things seem to have changed a bit (they added a new level and added jewelry) it still amazes me. What amazes me more is (not to speak ill of the relatives) but the first comment left on my blog--well, that's my sister-in-law and she's 100% serious.
on Thu May 3 02:15:07 2007

David commented:
Wow - I can't believe they've been around since 2004! On the other hand, as I noted, if you were going to spend that kind of money (and there are people who will), it's a heck of a better deal than buying one purse and being stuck with it.
on Thu May 3 07:32:27 2007

Nikki commented:
I've known about this for a long time... I often consider it from time to time as Prada and I go quite well together.
on Thu May 3 18:49:04 2007

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