Holy lazy day, Batman! Doctor gave me a pill and I grew a new Kidney! No, actually the doctor gave me Codeine, and I became incapable of leaving my comfy chair. As you can tell from this post, my brain is also everywhere. I expect I'll be turning into a pumpkin before too much longer, but I've been having trouble summoning enough energy to even sit up, so the move to the bed may take hours, if not days. On the other hand, outside the complete lack of energy I'm feeling better - although that may be the Codeine....

Lisa Dugdale commented:
Wow...it must have addled your brain. You forgot to mention what you were taking it for. :) Not that pumpkin-itis is a bad thing occasionally.
on Wed Mar 8 20:21:03 2006

David commented:
Well, according to the doctor, 'who knows?' - it could be this year's flu, which is apparently laying low a lot of people who usually don't get hit, or it could be something more nasty. She thought the former, and gave me the drugs to kill the cough and some of the aches and pains. But basically we wait and see if I am laid low for three week, and if so we re-visit the situation.
on Wed Mar 8 21:15:40 2006

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