So the BBC has an article on how smart tags, or RFID tags, could carry a computer virus. Interesting, but not the point of this post. The image they use for the article show a pallet of whiskas cat food, clearly marked 'with RABBIT'. I imagine that's a UK variation, as I think the pet owners of the US would rise up and smite any food producer that suggested feeding one type of pet with another type of pet. It's the little things, taken together, that make two cultures different.

Derek (Erb) commented:
That's actually quite interesting... I had no idea the cultural carnivorous differences extended to domestic animals... On the Whiskas site the first thing they ask you is what country you are connecting from. The site is completely different for the UK and for the USA. In the USA the canned products looks like this American Canned Products and in the UK they look like this UK Canned Products. Interesting... I think you might want to avoid mentioning the butcher shops here in France with a golden horse's head on top of the doorways!
on Thu Mar 16 11:02:19 2006

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