It's worse than I thought - it's pretty much all of Europe that has re-run the cartoons of the prophet.

France Soir, Germany's Die Welt, La Stampa in Italy and El Periodico in Spain all carried some of the drawings.


In Berlin, the prominent daily Die Welt ran a front-page caricature of the prophet wearing a headdress shaped like a bomb.

Oh well - six more weeks of religious tolerance winter now that cartoonist Phil has seen his shadow.
Anonymous commented:
In relation to this issue, I would have to disagree with you. This piece was placed in a cartoon. Therefore the cartoon should of been seen as humourous and not as blasphemous. In ireland, there is a programme called father ted, which mocks the catholic church. When first aired some protested but most found the programme humourous. And those that protested are blinded by their own ignorance, as the programme mock the hypocrisy of the chruch in relation to certain issues. But of course what some people find humourous will always depend on the individual.--- adrian, ireland
on Wed Feb 1 18:19:27 2006

David commented:
It is always a tough call, when mocking religion, where to draw the line. It's also often a question of who is drawing the image, and why. We tend to protect speech, but we tend to prohibit hate speech. Telling the difference between the two can sometimes be difficult. But I think it is the duty of the paper(s), if there is any doubt, to err on the side of caution.
on Thu Feb 2 04:51:10 2006

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