Automatic for the people

I spent a little bit of time taking a picture of dinner tonight, and then two hours writing a program to automatically resize the image and upload it to the server. It was something I'd been meaning to do for a while, but had never got around to. Heaven only knows if I'll even remember to use it the next time I have a picture I want to post! This is life as a computer nerd - you know the computer can do it for you, so you spend three times as long as you needed to make it so.

holly commented:

Although, to be fair, that is a beautiful (and yummy looking) dinner...

on Wed Feb 11 11:13:01 2009

Lisa Dugdale commented:

Personally, I'm waiting for you to write a program that will resize the dinner itself and upload it for you, so the rest of us can try it out.

on Wed Feb 11 11:52:38 2009

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