I got a job!

Oh boy! I can start buying toys again! I got a job! It's the one I expected to get, but it's nice to have it verified. And since all the calls I've gotten to date have been development work anyway, I might just as well take one where I can walk to work.

holly commented:

WOOHOO to you too! What a relief, now you can complain about work like the rest of us! When do you start. (and I am so jealous about the walking to work part.)

on Wed Dec 17 18:28:23 2008

julee commented:

yay!  now you can start sending me your cast-offs! 

on Wed Dec 17 22:04:58 2008

Shelby commented:

Congratulations! I'm sure your modeling experience in Paris gave you that extra edge ;).

on Thu Dec 18 02:35:00 2008

Jason commented:

Details, please?  Something where you can walk to work?  Now that's a big perk in my book! (and in yours, too)

on Thu Dec 18 07:44:44 2008

Anonymous commented:
on Thu Dec 18 08:57:35 2008

Derek (Erb) commented:

What a week! First Dr. Sasha and now David rejoins the employed.


PHP eh?  Sounds like you're gonna be doing some UNIX web programming stuff.  Could be fun...



on Thu Dec 18 11:45:26 2008

Nikki commented:
on Fri Dec 19 10:59:56 2008

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