A local soft drink manufacturer, Faygo, is 100 years old this year. It's always funny when you realize something you've known all your life, and assumed was nationwide, is really a local thing. Of course, I got to do that all over again the first time I went abroad, and realized what wasn't (and what was) worldwide.

Shelby commented:
Believe me, you could never sell something called "Red Pop" outside of the Midwest :D.
on Thu Aug 9 04:18:07 2007

Andrew commented:
Maybe the 'pop' part, but you should see some of the generic and cheap brand names they have for soda in Alabama and other parts of the deep south. "Dr thunder" is one that comes to mind.
on Thu Aug 9 09:16:14 2007

Nikki commented:
I've been bemoaning the lack of Oberon that will be available to me in PA... and now you remind me that Diet Grape and Diet Red Pop will also be gone!
on Thu Aug 9 21:26:15 2007

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