So my friend Holly always used to tell me about finding rattlesnakes in the backyard, and quietly, in the back of my mind, I was thinking 'what kind of crazy person lives where there can be rattlesnakes in the backyard?'

Today, I was prepping to mow the lawn, and for some reason the previous owner of the house had put a giant stone right where the fence door is. So I moved the giant rock. And then I peered in to have a look at what could be seen under the rock I had moved. And I saw a large black spider. With red markings. And I thought 'wouldn't it be funny if...' and I leaned closer to have a better look. And there was the hourglass. And I decided that this area probably belonged to her, and I should go.

So now I, too, live in a crazy place.

Shelby commented:
Haha--well, now that you've seen one, you'll never mistake a black widow for any other spider.
on Thu Aug 14 02:41:45 2008

Anonymous commented:
i have several in my garden (under the rocks)they scare me -  i step on them ;)    sarah
on Thu Aug 14 19:24:57 2008

holly commented:
is it wrong that I am giggling??? The real problem with black widows is that they can get pretty aggressive when you try to  squish them. My dad used to go out in the yard at night with a flashlight and spider poison and then would come in and have some scotch...
on Fri Aug 15 09:04:48 2008

Anonymous commented:
spider killing followed by some scotch...that's pretty nice.  Yes, they do not like feet coming at them...you pretty much have a one time chance on the squishing thing - after that - run - run away fast!!!  sarah
on Fri Aug 15 17:50:01 2008

Nikki commented:
I think this pretty much seals the deal, and I will see you when on the East Coast. :)
on Sat Aug 16 13:50:06 2008

David commented:
I knew I should have kept my mouth shut! We'll call in pest control, I swear!
on Sat Aug 16 20:48:29 2008

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