So I'm not really sure if the US papers are covering it in any detail, but the Germans had an election recently, which resulted in a resounding... deadlock. Germany has two larger parties, both of whom lost votes (a lot of votes) in this year's election, and now both of whom are scrambling to find partners, in order to accumulate enough votes to have a majority. One amusing result of this has been speculation on a 'black-yellow-green' coalition (CDU-FDP-Green). These colors are also the colors of the Jamaican flag, and thus the possibility is being called the 'Jamaican coalition'. According to Le Monde, Tuesday the Bild Zeitung had a sketch of the three party leaders decked out in dreads. Apparently it was the Green party leader who first introduced the idea, saying he had had a vision of his partners decked out in dreads, "joint in hand".

One of my personal questions is, how long is Jamaica going to put up with these jokes before they officially complain?

Anonymous commented:
Until the weed runs out, my friend, until the weed runs out.
on Tue Sep 20 18:53:36 2005

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