the reign of terror

A piece in the New York Times today makes a strong case for comparing the Bush II years to France of the late 1700s.

Though it has been a topic of much attention in recent years, the origin of the term "terrorist" has gone largely unnoticed by politicians and pundits alike. The word was an invention of the French Revolution, and it referred not to those who hate freedom, nor to non-state actors, nor of course to "Islamofascism."

A terroriste was, in its original meaning, a Jacobin leader who ruled France during la Terreur.

By aligning the terminology of today with the fear and repression of yesterday, a disturbing image of the US after 2001 emerges.
sasha commented:
This is particularly ironic given our conversations earlier this week, when we discussed the similarities between the attitudes of the general U.S. population and Marie Antoinette: "If we keep using corn for our cars, the people in Mexico won't be able to afford to buy it for food." "Let them eat flour tortillas!"
on Tue Oct 30 13:54:28 2007

holly commented:
I must be feeling especially righteous today, because I an having a huge YEAH for both Sasha, and Ryan (see Mandatory Sentencing). A huge WOO HOO to intelligent people who speak what they believe. You make my days better and brighter! :)
on Tue Oct 30 17:40:00 2007

Shelby commented:
Flour tortillas indeed! I can't wait until this is all done and then I can join the masses of people who, amazingly, are already blithely ignoring it.
on Tue Oct 30 21:08:38 2007

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