Should it scare me that if you search for "anything on the computer about a hedgehog's habitat" on google, mine is the top entry?

Jason in Egypt commented:
Yes, but it should scare you (and us) even more that you wrote those words in the first place! *grin*
on Wed Nov 8 12:33:16 2006

Anonymous commented:
Why -- - and how? Sarah
on Wed Nov 8 21:48:53 2006

David commented:
Well, there was a story on the BBC news site about how McDonald's containers (drink containers, I think) were designed in such a way that hedgehogs were getting stuck in them. I posted it, and the rest, strangely, is history. My stats show me keywords people search for, and that one, I thought, bore repeating....
on Thu Nov 9 12:36:54 2006

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