election day

We decided to host an election results party this evening, which means all the cleaning I've been putting off for the past month has to happen today. Zoiks. I'm off to the next county, now, in an attempt to secure liquor (which, of course, we can't buy here because we live in a dry county). I'm also periodically looking at the news sites to see if anything new has happened, which is really dumb, but I do it anyhow. I'm sure when I drive down to get the alcohol I'll listen to NPR, which will report, in endless detail, how we won't know anything until this evening.

Anonymous commented:

It could be worse - you could live in a state that prohibits alcohol sales on election days.

- Mara

on Tue Nov 4 16:48:14 2008

Nikki commented:
Wow, it would seem like electoin day of all days might necessitate the purchase of alcohol!
on Tue Nov 4 20:59:48 2008

David commented:
Fortunately, this was not one of the election days that required alcohol. On the other hand, after six hours of pundits alcohol surely helped!
on Wed Nov 5 01:45:08 2008

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