Another reason not to watch fox news: they can't tell Apple (the computer maker) from Abu Dhabi (the country). And don't even get me started on the whole 'Abu Dubai' and 'the arabs' parts of their exchange.

Nikki commented:
Unlike most of us, sweetie, no one at Fox News pulls a paycheck for their brains.
on Tue Nov 20 22:03:09 2007

David commented:
Wait - they're paying you for your brains, rather than your sexy? No wonder they didn't hire me! I guess that's why they looked at me so funny when I came in to the interview in leather chaps....
on Wed Nov 21 09:33:26 2007

Jason commented:
*ouch* So painful. But David, please do share more of your feelings on things...
on Wed Nov 21 18:19:37 2007

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