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I had about the funniest conversation ever today. A recruiter contacted me, wondering if I wanted a project management job. Why is this funny, you ask? Because the job was at Ford Motor Company. Which, I happen to know, just let a highly skilled project manager walk out the door (paid her to go, in fact). And now they want to pay a contracting agency to pay me to take her place. Corporations are silly beasts indeed. It's impossible to describe how creepy I would find going back to a place I left a decade ago (it was even in the same building!)
Andrew commented:
I've actually had several conversations on this subject, specifically when i was consulting with Capital One. Not being the most politic of individuals, I asked someone someone why Capital One paid the exorbitant rates demanded by consultants instead of just hiring in the staff, especially when the had entire consulting agencies that had developed around serving their needs and actually had to institute a rule that any contractor could only work at Capital One for a 24 month contiguous span before having to take a break specifically to avoid laws requiring them to hire said individuals. In the end, it all came down to liquidity and flexibility. they paid more for the individuals, but didn't have to have the additional overhead of people working for their benefits, HR needs, training, etc. Further, they had more hire/fire flexibilities with contractors. I'm not sure that Ford is moving to a similar setup, but it is possible.
on Tue May 8 14:49:52 2007

David commented:
That's it man - we're gonna have to cut you off!
Seriously, I'm glad this happened to you, as it helps me debug!
on Tue May 8 15:15:40 2007

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