My social life runneth over. We closed a bar on Saturday, now we're going clubbing on a Monday. Even if it is to some lame-o Ann Arbor club, I'm still pretty impressed at my ability to party all night. And tomorrow, we have dinner guests. And Wednesday, I fly to Texas. Whew!

Anonymous commented:
So why are you going to Texas? -Andrew
on Tue May 2 04:10:48 2006

Jason in Egypt commented:
I second that question! Texas? I'm presuming it's work-related, but...
on Tue May 2 06:28:15 2006

Erik commented:
What's wrong with Ann Arbor clubs? I happen to think they're quite fun! :) Where are you going clubbing on a Monday night?
on Tue May 2 11:56:41 2006

Nikki commented:
There's a club open on a Monday in A2??? Well, I suppose there is... I would be impressed with your ability to party all night, too, had I ever witnessed it. :-)
on Wed May 3 01:43:39 2006

David commented:
Well, 'club' may be a strong term, but the Necto does their 'goth' night on Mondays. Great good fun for the whole family!
on Thu May 4 04:31:51 2006

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