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I was over at findmyhosting, an excellent site for finding web hosting, which I may be in need of soon, as my bandwidth continues to exceed my expectations, and the limits of my current provider. I had just searched for sites meeting my criteria (cheap, good) and I noted they had a poll asking people's ages. Well, I'm a sucker for cheap demographics, so I gave them my age and they gave me the results, which I have copied at right. I thought it was tremendously interesting (a) that they had chosen to break down their demographics in the way that they had, and that (b) it seemed a pretty evenly balanced breakdown. Now, of course, the data is suspect in so many ways it isn't funny, but if we assume that tech savvy people of any age are equally likely (or nearly equally likely) to click a box, we find that the over 40 crowd isn't big in IT. Which I could believe, but it seems a little unnerving to think that soon (if not already) I will be one of the 'old men' of tech.

Derek (Erb) commented:
Speaking as one of those IT dinosaurs I can declare: you are already an "old man" in the IT world!
on Tue May 16 09:42:50 2006

Anonymous commented:
You're reaching old man status, and I am apparently a middle-aged ITer. Which is just funny, in my mind. -Andrew
on Wed May 17 13:04:04 2006

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