soon, my precious

The rest of my computer arrived today. Now it's just a matter of hooking the dozen or so cables up, and screwing all the parts into the (much larger than expected) case. I'm excited! Of course, I have a million things to do before I can play with the parts, but whatever. Tomorrow should be interesting - I have both French and Japanese things to do. We'll see if my brain can contain them both!
Andrew commented:
Its funny how things get in the way of computer geekiness. For instance, I have had the cable modem for my new place for 3 days, and still haven't gotten around to setting up my high-speed internet access. Of course, I am also still spending all my "free" time in the evenings moving stuff from the old place to the new. Here is to overlapping leases and the flexibility they give. I swear though, next time I move, I'm either going to pare everything down to the absolutely necessary or hire someone to move my crap for me, cause this is just a little ridiculous.
on Wed May 16 09:11:02 2007

David commented:
I really need to get that fixed. Even my temp fix isn't a real fix, because I accidentally put a character in there that causes... issues. Anyway - yeah - it's kind of frustrating having everything there and not being able to do anything with them. I opened the case this morning to scope out the situation, and it's a fairly easy process. It just requires time....
on Wed May 16 10:39:19 2007

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