I finally ate at a local establishment called 'Zingermans', which is well known in the area for its food. I had a bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avacado sandwich (yup - really) and a bottle of soda. Total cost? Almost 14 dollars. It was a tasty sandwich. It was not a 14 dollar sandwich. These people are either all crazy, or all far too rich for their own good.

Nikki commented:
Going to Zingerman's once should not get a BLTA... not when you are paying for the novelty and the philosophy/philantropy the sandwich represents. Whoa! I have lived in this area far too long--I almost believed that.
on Wed Mar 29 03:05:43 2006

David commented:
That was scary, Nikki - I think you better head up north for an Ann Arbor detox!
on Wed Mar 29 13:46:12 2006

Lisa Dugdale commented:
So this begs the question... is ANY sandwich worth $12? (no fair including the soda with it) Especially if it's a BLT(A). They're not crazy, and perhaps they're somewhat rich, but really a lot of the money goes for the best quality B L T and A (and bread) in the area. For what it's worth I'm not personally that fond of their sandwiches, but I can't figure out if it's just because I'm not overly fond of sandwiches in general...
on Wed Mar 29 18:45:31 2006

Anonymous commented:
Haha, Nikki!! Sweet Jesus that's a lot of money for a damn sandwich. I was going to go to Subway on Washtenaw yesterday and somehow got sucked into Makara sushi instead. Wanting to spend the same as I would've at Subway (stupid, I know) I got four lousy pieces of craptastic nigiri. My theory when it comes to eating out in Ann Arbor is that they follow a bit of an Emperor's New Clothes (or as my foreigner husband would say Zee Emporer's New Clothez-eez...ha!) principle. If it is really overpriced it must therefore be really really good. This is contrary to any other place I have experienced, wherein, as long as you aren't eating at Applebee's or TGI Friday's or whatever...but at a good local, homecooked kind of non-gourmet place, one of the perks (to make up for the lack of Bloomin' Onion and endless breadbowl, I assume) is that you don't have to sacrifice your first born for a damn sandwich. Why can't I just be anorexic??? Life would be so much easier that way.
on Wed Mar 29 23:25:18 2006

Anonymous commented:
Ahhh, $14 for lunch? That really makes me not want to leave Thailand where I generally eat a delicious stir fry for lunch for $.50 or maybe $1 if I am feeling saucy!
on Fri Mar 31 05:39:39 2006

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