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More advice from our hunt for the perfect house. On the subject of bathrooms, columns for the tub are probably too much. If you already have columns for your bath, please don't tell us in the comments. It will only make us cry.

Anonymous commented:

I guess I'll go cancel that contractor now.  It's probably all for the best.  I doubt my bathroom is large enough for columns anyway.

- Mara

on Tue Mar 18 06:36:14 2008

darnie commented:
Come on David, a bathroom isn't a bathroom unless it has pillars. The REAL issue should be if they have doric, corithian or ionic capstones. ;) darnie
on Tue Mar 18 09:29:42 2008

Nikki commented:
And where, prey tell, would you like to see the columns?? Hmmmm? :)
on Tue Mar 18 18:11:34 2008

Shelby commented:
We try to use columns in all of our decorating, which means that you probably won't be visiting our home anytime soon.
on Thu Mar 20 02:16:16 2008

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