Get ready! In early 2008 the Smart is coming to the U.S. of A! I'm not sad we bought the Yaris, given how long it is to 2008, and how much I like having the storage area in the back for hauling chairs and air conditioners, but if we find ourselves in 2008 looking for a new car so Sasha can get to work too (heaven help us if that should be the case!), the Smart is top of my list!

Shelby commented:
Kevin is thrilled! I can't wait either.
on Wed Jun 28 02:11:01 2006

Heidi commented:
Slate recently did an AdReportCard on the Yaris campaign:
on Wed Jun 28 03:02:54 2006

David commented:
I have to say - everything about the marketing of the Yaris is just bizarre. But that's alright - if we have the only cute car on the road because Toyota likes to kill things in their ads, I'm OK with it.
on Wed Jun 28 04:42:18 2006

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