Italy 1, Ninjas 0

Italy apparently had a Ninja infestation, which has been eradicated. The BBC reports:

The man, camouflaged in an all black suit, had robbed several farmers and their families at knife point, police say.
It's clear the BBC writes for a very uninformed audience, as of course he was dressed all in black! What else would a ninja wear?!
Anonymous commented:
Indeed. Perhaps the Beeb is in need of a dose of... Ask - A Ninja!
on Wed Jun 13 07:37:13 2007

David commented:
Perhaps they're too afraid he'll take their wallet! We should all head over to his site and let the ninja know the BBC is in need of guidance!
on Wed Jun 13 10:07:41 2007

Shelby commented:
A man in black? Was he immune to iocaine powder? Of course, nothing is stealthier than a bicycle.
on Wed Jun 13 21:25:15 2007

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