we're back!

Safely back! A 4AM wakeup followed by a 6AM flight, and to work by 9 (ish). Overall a most excellent weekend, which we closed last night by having drinks and dessert with Sasha's extended family in the NY area.

Jason commented:
Psychotic! I must be getting old and boring b/c when people say "oh, let's take a Saturday afternoon flight back so that we have Sunday to rest before work on Monday" -- it seems like a good idea! *sigh* (on the plus side, doing this allowed me to get a free flight by giving up my seat and waiting for a later flight)
on Wed Jul 9 09:07:11 2008

David commented:
See? You weren't being an old man, you were simply scamming for some free plane tickets! So when will you be down?
on Wed Jul 9 09:36:54 2008

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