Speaking French

I discovered there's a group here in Ann Arbor dedicated to speaking French, and as it's quite nearly on the way home for me I'm going to go this evening and see what it's all about. It's at a wacky little bookstore (and, of course, cafe) downtown called Crazy Wisdom, which is so prototypically Ann Arbor it hurts (the webpage notes you can " Browse 200 book categories, from Acupuncture to Zen, Affirmations to Yoga." If you weren't aware 'affirmations' was a book category, join the club).

Heidi commented:
ohhh... don't dig on the Crazy Wisdom. It's terribly cliched, but in such a cozy, comfortable way that it's almost tolerable. They also sometimes have indie music performances in the tea room above the bookstore (which really is the only reason to go there, unless you're running low on sage to burn), which is a lovely setting, particularly in the winter. Tin ceilings and ceramic tarot card art! c'mon....
on Tue Jan 16 17:48:13 2007

Nikki commented:
I'd be curious to know how that was... New Age French? ;)
on Wed Jan 17 02:39:47 2007

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