breakin' stuff

Time once again to try to break the blog! I've added a swanky new editor to the comment form, so go ahead and try to add a comment to this post, and let's see what breaks, shall we?!

Anonymous commented:

Does this mean I shouldn't use HTML tags in my comments anymore?

- Mara

(I suppose I should test some editor functions as well too. What does the "cleanup messy code" option do?) 

on Wed Jan 16 06:46:59 2008

David commented:

You know, the first thing I did was click the 'cleanup code' button about 20 times. I never did figure out what it was doing.

And yes, it does seem to escape all the html if you type it in. This is not necessarily bad to my mind. I'll be happy to have (slightly) more secure comments. Now if only I could figure out how to edit the program to display fewer buttons...

on Wed Jan 16 07:09:41 2008

Tammy Jo commented:

Hooray! Buttons and colors and fonts Oh My! Teehee  


on Wed Jan 16 07:24:38 2008

Jason commented:

Whoa!  Lots of options.  But how do I put colored text and cute little bouncy icons in my comment?


on Wed Jan 16 12:14:57 2008

Shelby commented:
Ooo, shiny! Does the cleanup messy code do away with <i>missing tags?
on Wed Jan 16 17:17:14 2008

Shelby commented:
That would be a no :D.
on Wed Jan 16 17:17:35 2008

David commented:

@Shelby - lol

@Jason - I'll get right on a bouncy smiley plugin. More seriously, I might look to see if there's a font color chooser - this thing has more options than a non-Michigan primary ballot.

on Wed Jan 16 17:32:22 2008

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