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The SLB (because I can't be bothered to type out the full name, but can be bothered to type a lot of explanatory text about why the name has been abbreviated) has a post pointing out that Alanis has done a cover of 'my humps'. It's done slowly, in a minor key. With a piano. Sound familiar? The only thing I felt could have saved it was if the minor key was intended to make it seem sad, to point out the poignancy of the objectification of women's bodies or somesuch, but the video seems to go towards parody, which impresses me much less.

Heidi commented:
Good point on the Tori Amos thing; however, I don't know how I feel about your wish for more poignant social commentary about the objectification of women's bodies, and I'm not sure that parodying the song doesn't accomplish that anyway. I think the good here is that (as if we didn't need reminding) "my humps" is proved beyond a reasonable doubt to be ridiculous, trite, childish, obscene, and ultimately boring -- as are most gross, overtly objectifying visions of sex and human relations. Think bad porn.
on Tue Apr 3 10:31:27 2007

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