So the trainer has made us quite aware that she is a Red Sox fan. Thus I have been paying more attention to the news when they talk about the playoffs. Today's big story, however, isn't about the game per se, but rather is all about Manny Ramirez (a red sox player) saying that it won't be the end of the world if the sox are knocked out. Believe it or not, people are up in arms about this. Apparently he's not allowed to have a balanced view of work and life.

holly commented:
Really David, you of all people should know that sports ARE life and death. Didn't you ever go to a football game in Britian - where you can get the snot beat out of you for wearing the wrong colors or singing the wrong song. I think that Americans are really too soft on this issue. Maybe if we were more militant about our sporting events, we would be less militant in other areas of the world. (Likely better for the general health and well being of all - the last time I checked, no machine guns or grenade launchers were allowed at the world series, although with this president...)
on Thu Oct 18 09:36:55 2007

Nikki commented:
Wellllll.... when your most recent sporting exposure has been Nascar and Wrestling.... I kid, I kid!
on Thu Oct 18 14:57:09 2007

David commented:
Based on lessons I have learned in my recent sporting event forays, the correct solution would be to throw beer at him, then charge onto the field and try to beat him up.
on Fri Oct 19 10:07:40 2007

holly commented:
ahh, so you did go to sporting events in Britain, that's just how they deal with it too...
on Fri Oct 19 14:33:54 2007

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