Oil has fallen below fifty dollars a barrel today, losing two thirds of its value in four month, according to the New York Times. This backs up the obvious changes you may have noticed at the pump (can anyone beat one fifty-nine, by the way? I saw that last night).

holly commented:

Damn, there are lines around the block here for the 3 gas stations, in the ENTIRE COUNTY of San Diego that have gone rogue (and I just realized that one letter swap, rogue to rouge makes this a slightly different post) and are selling gas at $1.99 a gallon (one actually ran out of gas). Sigh, makes me realize that it may pay to be a republican state:)

on Thu Nov 20 23:25:07 2008

David commented:

And a state that hates the environment - my electricity is five cents per kilowatt, too. As we like to say here in AR about the environment, 'burn, baby, burn!'

on Fri Nov 21 08:39:57 2008

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