Dear Friends and Colleagues:
It has become clear to me that you all apparently have a sixth sense which detects when I am not working, and you are using this sense to tell when you should call me (because I am not busy). However, what your sense is apparently not telling you is that I am not working because I am in the loo. So, to the (many) people who got my voicemail this morning, now you know why. Please adjust your calling habits as needed.

Andrew commented:
Well, that explains the strange urge i had to give you a call this morning. 
on Thu May 15 12:23:58 2008

holly commented:
wow, how long were you in there to receive so many calls??
on Thu May 15 17:47:10 2008

David commented:
Well, I would have been out quicker but I had to keep sending people to voicemail!
on Thu May 15 22:01:33 2008

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