underwater nudes

Huh. I was looking at my search statistics, and wondered why 'Underwater Nudes' was a search term with my name. Turns out there's a guy in the UK who has a book with that title.

Jason commented:
Specifically, a guy in the UK named David Barber with a book by that title. If you share the photos of me in an effort to exploit this, I'm coming after you... *grin*
on Thu May 1 08:53:09 2008

holly commented:
OK, funny school district blocking software story for the day. As we have learned before, wikipedia is off limits, as are any items that inadvertently have 'evil words' (no searching for items on enslavement, it brings up too much porn - so much for the civil war.) But, for some totally unapparent reason, it lets me look at the tasteful pictures of naked underwater woman boobies without any trouble at all... Apparently the word 'nudity' is too complicated for the poor censors!
on Thu May 1 13:30:00 2008

David commented:
Wow. I knew about the wikipedia block, but 'enslavement'? That is a pretty serious area of academic study being blocked. And I am pleased that you were able to see tasteful nudes at work - I originally thought you were going to tell me my blog had been blocked after I made that post.
on Thu May 1 15:12:24 2008

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