It looks like Joost has opened their beta a bit more, so if you'd like to try out some online television, drop me a note and I'll send you an invite. Of course, it's also rumoured to be opening to the public in a few days, so you could just wait, and then you wouldn't have to deal with constant system updates....
Andrew commented:
Today's broken comments are brought to by - Wiki wacker (tm) - Wiki getting to bad, trim it back with Wiki wacker Anyway, I'd be interested in seeing what Joost is all about. Its been all over the news, both on its own and connected with the various groups file suit against you tube. At the very least I'm curious since we are unlikely to luck out again and have the cable company forget to turn off the old basic cable channels.
on Thu May 10 15:41:49 2007

David commented:
Yeah - it's better than nothing, but as yet it's not anything special - there's some pseudo-fun content, but I think they really need to work out their adverts better. You can tell me what you think once you have it working.
on Fri May 11 01:12:34 2007

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