Last weekend we went wandering in this fair city we call home, and somehow or other ended up in a yarn store. We were looking for something in particular, so it took me a few minutes to glom onto the fact that Ziggy Stardust was playing on the store music system. Of course, being the geek that I am, the first thing I thought was 'hey - they only have one channel playing', because the song was made in that period when each channel in a stereo recording was actually different, and the music -really- loses something when, effectively, only half of it is played. After I got past that, I realized that David Bowie was being played in a knitting store, and thought about what that says about the place where I live. It somehow seemed appropriate, especially when the next song came on ('Suffragette City') and I realized that not only had the store owner chosen her own music, she had chosen 'Changes' (aka David Bowie's Greatest Hits). Is this a sign of the end of the universe, or just a sign that I'm getting old, when the hard core rebel music of my youth (well, of my days as a zygote) has become muzak?

Nikki commented:
No, sweetie, the sign that you are getting old is that you were in a yarn store AND could recognize the music playing as David Bowie.
on Thu Mar 23 22:47:56 2006

David commented:
Doh! I think you're right! The worst part is that I've had it stuck in my head off and on ever since. I put it on my ipod to break myself of it, but I'm not sure it worked - it may now be lodged deeper.
on Fri Mar 24 17:46:11 2006

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