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Hey everybody! June is Internet Safety Month! Don't forget to write your congressperson to thank them for spending time worrying about a nonissue! From the bill:

Whereas approximately 41 percent of students in grades 5 through 12 do not share with their parents what they do on the Internet;
...and there's bullying, and meeting people and the generic 'inappropriate use' and everything! We must protect the children!

Perhaps we should start by protecting them from people who legislate....

Nikki commented:
And here I thought it meant I just got stupid ass emails at work about what to do with spam and what spam looks like... there is a canned meat joke in there somewhere, and I am pretty sure it has a connection to legislators.
on Thu Jun 7 20:39:12 2007

Anonymous commented:
What surprises me most about this is that 59% of the students in the bracket listed do share with their parents what they do on the internet. As I recall, I never told my parents what I was getting from any BBS I visited when I was around that age.
If only there had been a BBS safety month when I was a child, perhaps then I would have been saved from the lifetime (so far) of computing and internet usage that has followed.
on Thu Jun 7 22:16:02 2007

Anonymous commented:
Some day, I will either set up a username and actually remember my password (or hack the file), or just remember to put a signature at the bottom. That last one was from me (assuming no one slipped in there before this was posted) - Mara.
on Thu Jun 7 22:17:13 2007

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