throwing our weight around

In a recent episode of Doctor Who, the American president was shown as an arrogant fool, throwing his weight around at the expense of the British Prime Minister, until he was vaporized by aliens. He stepped in at the last minute, shoving the Prime Minister aside to claim the credit at an amazing moment in history.

How life imitates art.

In a statement today, according to the International Herald Tribune, the US did just that:

In his new role as envoy to the Middle East, Tony Blair will be charged with shoring up Palestinian institutions, but not with trying to nail down a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians, a job Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will handle herself, according to Bush administration officials.
Thankfully, I've already decided there will never be peace in the Middle East, or I would be dismayed by the statements made today. Instead I'm merely reassured of the correctness of my ideas.

I was interested in the representation of the American government in Doctor Who - does it signify a shift in British sentiment, or merely reflect something that's been there all along. A single data point need not reflect the majority, but it might....

holly commented:
it's kind of like the old free to be you and me stuff (ahh, the 70s). Do you remember the 'Ladies First" girl? She gets eaten by the lion in the end.…_You_and_Me Ahh, the lessons we didn't learn in childhood...
on Thu Jun 28 22:41:16 2007

Nikki commented:
Of course there will never be peace in the Middle East...which obviously means I agree with you. Especially when one of the fundemental stories in Christianity the casting of Satan out because he did not agree with God... it 'tis the example. Meanwhile, Dr Who scared the bejesus out of me as a child and I still cannot being myself to watch it as an adult... though I do always find your synopses intriguing.
on Fri Jun 29 09:39:29 2007

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