Ah hah! It turns out there is an organization that exists to promote one of my favorite causes - the abolition of standardized testing. Here's what they have to say about the GRE. Maybe I can get a job with them. Fear me then, all you college admissions representatives!

Erik commented:
It was interesting to see in my last graduate school search that only one of the seven schools I considered required the GRE, and at that school it is generally used only when a candidate's other characteristics (transcript, letters, etc.) make him or her borderline. What would you replace the GRE with, then?
on Fri Jan 28 21:17:05 2005

David commented:
Good question. It's a difficult question, also. The fact is that colleges want a way to simplify what is not a simple process. But it's cheaper to put all the kids in a spreadsheet and sort by score than to read an individual essay by each student, and grade it. In fact, however, that is exactly what I would recommend. I think the colleges should use the personal statement, and the high school/college grades, and possibly a recommendation from an educator or coach. The tests are simply too error prone, and the fact that they can be influenced by courses invalidates them completely. The idea is to have a level playing field, when in fact no such thing exists. But to base so much on so little is irresponsible.
on Sat Jan 29 15:23:55 2005

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